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City Standard is active media.
You define it.

We're creating Australia’s first digital where you stories come to life.

You can also pitch ideas to the community and respond to pitches from Adelaide's best As a you decide which stories are funded and

You get really bloody good stories (that you won’t see anywhere else), and you get to be a part of creating them.

Change the orange words above to define City Standard.

A new kind of storytelling.

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The latest projects from City Standard

  • CS/08
    A curious vantage
    In collaboration with Run Wild Productions, City Standard is developing a series of short documentaries. Each episode will follow an individual who is part of the city’s fabric and take us inside their unusual perspective on the CBD.
  • CS/09
    Have you seen home
    A project from musician Elena Nees and artist Tyrone Ormsby that reflects the line between the exotic and the familiar using the mirror of home. This is City Standard’s first visual essay and is being created as an example to encourage future submissions.


  • I think most of the motivation behind my support comes from a general feeling that I’m reaching for something that just isn’t there when I want to read a more considered analysis of the news.
    Seren Bell
  • I'm a strong believer that while mainstream media might be struggling, there has rarely been a clearer need for thoughtful investigative journalism. That needs a new business model, and I want to be part of paying for it.
    Ric Hayman
  • In essence, what excites me is being part of an active audience. While the current digital landscape appears to be interactive on a surface level, the reality is most of us consume what we’ve been served up without question.
    Joel van der Knaap
  • An open and transparent editorial process with shareholders is very interesting to me… I think Adelaide can position itself to be a player in changing media models so I’m keen to see where the City Standard goes.
    Sam Talbot

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