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One off

You’re not so into that whole commitment thing but we've charmed you with our naïve belief that the Internet will pay for journalism. Consider this our hat-in-hand, while you put your hand in your pocket. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

CityMag is good.
The City Standard will be better.

CityMag has 39,000 unique readers each month. We have 14,000 followers on Instagram and through our partnership with InDaily, we reach over 40,000 email addresses every week.

However, advertising online only generates $30 per thousand views.

This is a standard online rate, but it means we need 3,000 people to read every single story just to pay the writer. That amount doesn’t cover the photography, the web servers, the design, or anything else that makes the Internet tick.

It’s this business model that leads media brands to focus on reporting the stories they know will get clicks, ie: Kimye, Brangelina and Trump.

Let’s #DumpTrump

We believe 1,000 of our readers really value what we do and will consider becoming regular, paying contributors so we can look beyond Kim’s butt and build a platform that engages readers in better stories that deliver real-world results.

Our Guarantee

  1. The standard of content in your news feed will go up
  2. You can stop your contribution at any time
  3. We will cause you to laugh out loud at least once a month
  4. If you’re a paying contributor at $5 per month or more and you email us – we will write back! Just like social media, except it’s completely private and just between us (ie: nothing like social media).
  5. We will be completely transparent about how we’re using your contributions, with a monthly report that shows membership numbers and the projects we’re commissioning for The City Standard
  6. If you give us $15 a month we really will send you a birthday present!
  7. If we throw a party (and we will) you’ll be the first to know
  8. We will immediately begin creating a new back-end platform, which allows you to log on, connect with other contributors and suggest content ideas for written, audio and video as we expand our storytelling mediums.

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