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Have You Seen Home

Tyrone Ormsby
Elena Nees

A visual essay that uses the mirror of home to reflect on the inconsistencies of memory and identity.


Two burning beds from a Burnside estate with wattle, (2017), single-channel video, stereo sound, 7:41 mins. Music by Elena with video by Tyrone

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Tyrone Ormsby is the creative director of City Standard and CityMag. Taking great inspiration from sojourns abroad, his work is an homage to what he has learnt (so far). 

After failing to graduate as a graphic designer and earning two awards at the Australian Design Biennale in 2012, Tyrone took up a placement at well-respected communication research centre Fabrica in Treviso, Italy. After which he pursued photography, both moving and still. During 2015, Tyrone worked closely with the Portuguese performing arts collective Yuuts Rouy, contributing to, and documenting their works. This was followed by his first solo exhibition, Beige Light, and a photographic book of the same name. In 2016, the online exhibition of his documentary project Hello ! marked the end of a two year creative residency with Companhia João Garcia Miguel, a physical theatre company based in Portugal.

He has created Have You Seen Home progressively in the year-and-a-half since returning to Adelaide.


Elena Nees is a self-taught bedroom producer turned musician who leans heavily upon intuition when building songs.

While her work usually employs the voice as the predominant medium through which to share emotion, this audio is a patchwork comprised of various voice notes and memories – ranging from a far-away street to an afternoon at the pub. They’re incidental moments, opportunistically captured, and loosely woven together.

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This work will also be presented as a joint exhibition with Tash McCammon on May 24 at Chateau Apollo.

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